Hygiene Forum 2019

Infection prevention: it starts with YOU!

15 October 2019, ReeHorst, Ede, NL

Human behaviour on hygiene, regardless of whether this is in healthcare, institutional, manufacturing or home and everday life settings, is heavily influenced by people’s knowledge about hygiene and infection prevention.

On 15 October 2019 the third edition of NVZ’s Hygiene Forum took place. More than 15 internationally renowned hygiene experts were present to share their ideas, positions and recent scientific publications with the audience. All experts agreed that targeted hygiene is a key weapon against resistance to antibiotics.  

The plenary morning session, moderated by prof. dr. Dirk Bockmühl, began with prof. dr. Sally Bloomfields’ call for an integrated strategy on containing the burden of infectious diseases. Dr. Bernhard Meyer followed with a risk benefit evaluation of disinfection. Prof. dr. Jean-Yves Maillard continued on the topic of disinfectants with the latest state of science on the implication that biocides may contribute to antibiotics resistance, for which there’s no proof. Prof. dr. Markus Egert closed the morning session with a valuable view on the human microbiome in relation to pre- and probiotic hygiene strategies.  

The afternoon programme consisted of two parallel workshop rounds. Participants were able to choose from 18 workshops that focused the role of hygiene in different sub-sectors.  

Preparations for the next edition of the Hygiene Forum in 2021 have already started!

White paper on hygiene published

A group of experts from the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH) published a white paper on the importance of hygiene. The paper substantiates why targeted hygiene is crucial in the growing problem of resistance to antibiotics. And to achieve targeted hygiene, a substantial change in behaviour of the general public is required. How can this be achieved? Which stakeholders have a role in this? It is clear that consumers need clear, consistent messages on hygiene in the media. The report provides some clear recommendations and calls to action to achieve targeted hygiene in everyday life.

The white paper will be elaborately discussed at the Hygiene Forum on October 15th, 2019.