About hygiene

What do we mean by the term 'hygiene'?

The concept of 'hygiene' has a broad meaning across different cultures and contexts. Where one may link it only to personal hygiene, for some it may be a clean, 'fresh' working or living environment, and still others may relate 'hygiene' to a sterile operating room.

To make sure the cleaning industry is aligned when speaking of 'hygiene', NVZ, the Dutch detergents association, has worked with A.I.S.E. to develop the document 'The Hygiene Concept'. You can download this paper here.

For the Dutch market, NVZ developed (in collaboration with the German association IKW) the brochure 'Hygiene at home' (in Dutch). You can download it here.






The original German version of this brochure 'Hygiene im haushalt' can be downloaded from the website of IKW here