Healthcare Cleaning Forum: Professional knowledge of cleaning and hygiene ensures better patient safety - Wednesday 16 May 

On Wednesday 16 May during Interclean Amsterdam 2018, RAI Amsterdam and a group of stakeholders from the healthcare- and cleaning industry, and representatives of the World Health Organization, organizes a unique Forum that connects the worlds of cleaning and patient safety.

The central theme of the Forum is the importance of cleaning and disinfection in relation to patient safety, and stimulating the development and implementation of new guidelines and education. The emphasis will be on the Health Economy of cleaning in relation to infection prevention and control (IPC) and antimicrobial stewardship (AMS).

A major cause of infections in hospitals and care institutions is the inadequate application of standard precautionary measures. This includes procedures for the routine cleaning and disinfection of environmental and other frequently touched surfaces, as well as the cleaning, disinfecting and reprocessing of reusable equipment.

During the Interclean Amsterdam exhibition, from 15 - 18 May in RAI Amsterdam, a Healthcare Cleaning Lab will be set up on the exhibition floor, on which demonstrations and presentations of the most important procedures in patient and operating rooms will be shown. Specific attention is paid to multiple cleaning methods and what the investment in cleaning can mean for patient safety.

You can register for the Healthcare Cleaning Forum via this link.